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Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Muddy Brew Fest Success

The Bid Muddy Brew Festival was a great success.  We were really glad to be a part of it.  They were hoping for and planning for 500 and ended up letting over 600 in.  I think everyone had a great time and we especially enjoyed being vendors at this event.  Most of the event was, well beer of course, but there was one tent where a few of our friends had a homebrewing demonstration going on, the tent next to us was a brew shop from MO and a local cheese maker was at the end.  When the homebrew demonstration hit the boil and put in some hops I could smell it two tents down.  It was wonderful.  I think they made some good progress on getting a brewing club going.

We were set up next to a small brewshop located across the river in Jackson, MO. He started selling on a small scale a couple years ago and he had some helpful advice about us starting the brew shop.  A nice fellow and very helpful.

The interest in our hops and future shop was simply overwhelming.  Homebrewing and interest in good beer is alive and well in southern Illinois.  People can't seem to wait until we have supplies to offer.  We sold out of our hops fairly quickly and we also sold a number of T-shirts.  It was a good showing for us and we just made enough money to cover the cost of the tent we bought that morning.

We look forward to next years' festival with a larger number of brewers and a larger number of guests.  We will have more hops to sell next year!!!!!  Thanks to all of you that stopped by our table.  It was interesting to have so many people stop by and mention they had read our blog.  Thanks.

!!!!!By the way, those of you that missed getting one of our T-shirts at the festival can now order one on our blog.  Those of you that missed the festival entirely should order one as well and have a nice brew wearing it.  Next best thing to being there.  The google checkout and order system is at the end of the blog!!!!!!!

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