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Friday, June 3, 2011

Augers, Sheep Poo and Community

I have been reminded that despite our best intentions of doing things on our own and having a strong sense of self-reliance, things are better with community.  Why am I thinking about this, you might ask?  Augers and sheep poo, that is why.  A while back our friends at the Green Retreat offered use of their auger to finish digging holes for the trellis system.  As many of us try to move toward a balance where we are more in-tune with our surroundings and  and less dependent on things trucked in from thousands of miles away, we find that it can become rather technology intensive (i.e. expensive).  But how many of us spend money on a tractor implement only to have it sit around for the 362 days we do not need it?   There are all kinds of potential issues with borrowing equipment, but it is something worth considering in a reciprocal arrangement.  It also gives you a good opportunity to take a ride on the tractor to pick up implements.

So, in the past week we traded some rhubarb for sheep manure and beer for the use of an auger.  We tried to pay our neighbor we call Farmer Bob for the manure and he said, "no, I can't take your money for it.  Take what you need".  It should be noted that he wasn't trying to rid himself of it...he uses it for fertilizer.  It was a noble, albeit smelly gesture to share his nitrogen.  We took him a big batch of rhubarb the next morning in an attempt to repay the favor.

A bit further down the road are our neighbors at the Green Retreat.  They are building a beautiful retreat that focuses on sustainability.  They recently completed their Victorian B&B, which is beautiful.  We encourage you to consider a stay at their B&B or one of their cozy cottages.  They are good people and they understand that it takes community to do something radically local.