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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Better Late than Never

 While it seems forever that we have been planning and waiting for construction to begin, it is happening and happening fast (well mostly fast).  After a long delay of waiting for our "special" materials construction began a week ago on the new building.  We now know why you put a time clause in a construction contract.  In any case, the building is well on its way. 

 We went through so many versions of thinking the building was going to be too small or too big.  While we had layout designs for the space that we needed, it was still hard to tell.  Hence, it was really exciting to actually see it with the framework and the roof, which is now on.  Now that I can actually stand inside of it, it looks rather big.  I am sure the interior space will shrink as we fill it up, but it looks pretty huge right now.  I have to admit, when I first saw the size of the door and the open area in the front of the building my first thought was, "wow, we could put a 60 bbl fermenter in there".

While a slightly different shape, the new building fills quite similarly the space that was occupied by the old barn.  I hope the old silo approves of this new friend that is being installed.  Now we just have to figure out something interesting to do with the silo.

It is going to be fun setting up the brew shop.  I might miss my quaint little spot in the basement where I currently fill orders, but I am sure I will adjust quickly.  Right now we have over a thousand pounds of malt spread out in two rooms in two floors of our house.  I am looking forward to having everything together and accessible in the new shop.  We will have it set up so customers can see, feel, smell and taste all of the malts.  Further, we will have it where customers can buy a whole sack or 2 oz; none of this buying in only 1#, 5# and 10# increments.

It is a little scary making the investment, but we are trying to maintain a build it and they will come attitude. If the malting goes well we will be a shop where to can walk in and purchase hops and malt grown on site, as well as the best of hop and malt products from around the world, ...we just hope they come.