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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decisions, Buildings and Beer

We have met with a contractor for the purposes of an addition to our house and the building of an new outbuilding that will house the farm operations and a store front for the brew shop.  We have not idea whether we can sell enough hops to pay for it, but hey, it is a capital expense that should pay off in the long run, right?  I want to have a shop that will enable a local brewer to come it and dial up their grain bill for their next batch and crush it fresh on site if they wish.  We will also be set up to help with recipes and offer our advice where requested.

The site of the building will be where the old barn collapsed a number of years ago.  I hope that we can still salvage a bunch of the lumber, as it is mostly white oak and some nice cypress.  If anyone knows a good salvage company that would help us get at the usable lumber let us know.

Lastly, I will mention that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that was a coursed meal with beer pairings.  Much of the meal featured Windy Hill Farm products.  A forthcoming post will detail the food and beer pairings of this small, but wonderful event.

Also, we received a nice mention in an article in The Dailey Egyptian, SIUC's newspaper.  The article detailed the expanding interest in craft beers.