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Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Open Apology

This blog entry serves as an open apology for the length of time since the last post.  I am sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the next post.  Rest assured we have been busy harvesting and planning, especially with regard to the new building.  We never imagined we would be this far behind schedule, but we are moving forward and will be in our retail spot some time soon.

I can also report that we have now established wholesale accounts for almost everything we need for the shop.  It has been interesting that some businesses have very straightforward and fair policies for establishing wholesale accounts and some have essentially the opposite.  Some in the business literally require you to have an fully operational business in a narrowly defined storefront location with zero competitors in a 60 mile radius before they will sell to you.  Mind you, this is not an investment for them...but just a sale.  It can literally be an egg/chicken conundrum.  Luckily I have identified a large number of vendors that are interested in growing, rather than protecting business.  I am also lucky that I ran across the supportive vendors first, else I might have been dissuaded from further pursuit!  Anyone that knows me can attest that telling me I can't do something is not the best way to deter me.  By the way, if anyone wants to buy 50 wort pumps, let me know.