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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Health Department

Boy, that is an ominous title for a post when you are setting up a retail shop, isn't it?  Fortunately I am able to report that I had a very nice, productive and informative conversation with the Jackson County Health Department this morning about our operation and future retail brew shop.  It turns out that they see no need to inspect or regulate us as this time due to the non-food nature of what we are doing.  They had some helpful recommendations for the building that would put us in good position if either we want to deal with food at some point or the state regs change in a way that would impact us.  Nothing major and all were things that we were thinking anyway.

So watch out southern Illinois home brewers...there will soon be a spot to get your grain locally in what ever quantities you need.  We want to have a mill set up for use as well, so you can literally make up and crush your grain bill on the spot.

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