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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Day on Windy Hill

It was cold and snowy day on Windy Hill.  We got several inches of snow and a cold wind.  I was able to use the tractor to plow the driveway clear.  Might not have been necessary, but what the heck!  Have tractor will plow.  I was thinking about last year when I literally spend most of a day with shovel trying to get our cars out.  The sheep farmer across the road finally came to my assistance and plowed it.  In any case I can report that the Kabota moves snow quite nicely. 

I don't have much additional to report at this point, except that I made a good contact through a yahoo hops group.  There is a relatively new hops farm that has started up in Colorado, Rising Sun Organic Farms.    I think they are in something like their 3rd year and they currently have about 9 acres in hops.  It appears they are selling to and working with the New Belgium Brewing company, which is an inspiring company that seems to have done things right.
This is their current sustainability report.  This is inspiring and encourages us to produce our hops and food not only organically, but in a sustainable, low impact manner. 

I already have visions of solar dryers and bio-diesel.  Thank you Professors Dennis Scanlin and Jeff Boyer of Appalachian State University's Sustainable Development Program for teaching me the basics of solar technology back in the early 90s.

More to report soon.....but I will leave with an interesting image of Wind Hill showing our wind and weather recently.  I don't recall ever seeing such gravity defying icicles.

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