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Thursday, December 31, 2009

a new start...

This blog will show the evolution of our venture into growing organic hops and food for local consumption.  To date we have:
1) Made a commitment to do so.  We want our children and others to know where our food comes from.  This seems very important at this time to more and more people.
2) Bought a Kabota tractor to tame the land and bring several of our acres back into production.  Our land is an old dairy farm that has been our of production for many decades.
3) Bought several books on small scale farming and the growing of hops.
4) Started process of establishing separate bank account for farm activities.
5) Established domain name (


  1. So far reads like a condensed version of Barabara Kingsolver's (spelling?) book; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I like it, sounds like a grand adventure that I wish that I could do as well. Especially driving the tractor around.

  2. Interesting project. Best of luck to you! I grew hops - my first year - in Carbondale in '09. Magnum and Willamette, so far. The climate isn't ideal, but with enough care they seemed to thrive. Hearty buggers, they are ...

    I am a local home brewer and beer styles writer for a nationally-distributed craft and specialty beer magazine - Beer Connoisseur. I'll be very interested to follow your progress! Any connections with local brewers so far?